Sith Sewana  Residential home for Mentally Handicapped and differently  abled children  was the brain child of  Mr. Sarath Lanka Perera and founded on  on the 8th of may 1999. His ambition was to have a home in the salubrious settings  of  Tanamalwilla to develop the hidden potential of  the differently abled and to give them  a vocation suited to their  abilities. His  intention was to  guide and assist these  children and bring them to  maximum normality and make them   assets to the society we live in.
Payment can be made direct to  Bank Of Ceylon  Account  number : 5918677 Tanamalwilla  Sri Lanka  (For foreign Donors  you may use Swift code  No: BCEYLKLX

Donation do not necessarily have to be in cash .it can be by way of clothes (Used or new). bed sheets , pillow cases, towels, and many other items that can be of use to our residents.

Our References   Some of our supporters
The chief incumbent of the "Uva Wellassa"  The  Venerable Nanda Thera at Thanamal Viharaya Thanamalwila  
Uva  Palath Saba
Canadian Embassy
Australian Embassy
German Embassy
Netherlands  Embassy
Saramanda Organisation.
Adoption Sri Lanka
World Vision Sri Lanka
The Honorary Div.. Sec. at the divisional Sec. Tanamalwilla.  
The Principal at National School, Tanamalwilla.  
The Additional Education Director Zonal Education office Wellawaya.  
1. We would like to share our sincere deepest condolence with you all since our Chief advisor the Chief Incumbent for “Uva, Wellasswa” provinces at Thanamalwila Temple Very Reverend Mawelle Nanada Thero passed away in the morning on the 6th of February 2016 at the age of 85 years.
Sith Sewana greatly appreciates the donation of Rs.75,000.00  from Ms Priya  Mobach for the applying of floor tiles to the children'sdormitory  and for the purchase of clothes for them as Christmas gifts.

3. The Estimated budget for applying the Floor tiles to the male dormitory

Dear Messer’s, Madam,
We have planned to commemorate the souls of the persons who passed away on the 2nd of November, the Month of Departures Soul in 2015.

6. WORLD CHILDRENS DAY 1st October 2015
Urgent requirements
Applying Ceilings:

i.        For the Youths dormitory.
ii.      For the children’s dormitory.

We have the estimated budgets for the above needs to forward to Donars which are approved by the Social Services Officer & certified by the Divisional Secretary at Divisional Secretariat Office in Thananamlwila.

There is a high risk of  Serpents  entering  through the gaps above. Since our children don’t understand they might pull them and it might be a high risk for their lives.

During  the heavy rainy season the wind blows the  water into the dormitories and the walls become wet and ugly looking due to fungal formation.

Due to high humidity the children have a high risk of cold and respiratory problems during  the rainy seasons.
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